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Stock Summary

Stock Price (10/27/2016) 20.64
Volume 4,764,684
Day High 21.39
Day Low 20.30
52-Week High 58.87
52-Week Low 16.20
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Company Overview

SolarCity provides homeowners, businesses and government organizations with Better Energy. Through cleaner, more affordable alternatives to traditional utility bills, we establish long-term relationships with our customers by offering solar energy as a service. As the No. 1 provider of distributed solar in the United States, SolarCity has completed installations in 26 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico with customers that include tens of thousands of homeowners, hundreds of schools and universities, Fortune 500 corporations—such as Walmart, eBay and Intel—and major government organizations like the U.S. Military.

Rising retail electricity prices, coupled with inelastic demand, has created a significant and growing market opportunity for cleaner, less costly energy.

Our top priority is to provide value and quality service to our customers. Our team of highly skilled in-house professionals are dedicated to delivering the highest engineering standards and customer service. With a vertically-integrated service offering that covers module manufacturing, mounting hardware, software, sales, installation, financing, monitoring, and maintenance, we are focused through every step of the process on the best possible customer experience at the lowest cost.

Our long-term vision is to drive distributed solar penetration to a plurality of U.S.—and global—electricity generation. In the pursuit of our vision, our goal is to continue growing solar MW Installed, long-term customer cash flow streams, and higher levels of shareholder value in the decades to come.

No. 1 U.S. Residential Installer

No. 1 U.S. Commercial Installer

High Efficiency Modules

Grid Services